Who is the most successful local coach?
Mauroof Ahmed and Suzain are the most successful two local coaches (Photo: Mihaaru/Facebook)

Who is the most successful local coach?

Shimaaz Ali 18 February 2017 - 16:25

When you ask about the most successful local coach in Maldives football, the first three names will be Abdul Jaleel (Abujee), Mauroof Ahmed (Maattey) and Ali Suzain.

The reason for those names relies on the successful years they had spent in Maldives football. These three coaches won 33 top flight titles combined. The most successful coach in Victory Sports Club's history, Mauroof Ahmed won 13 titles and Ali Suzain won 11 titles. Abdul Jaleel won 9 titles with the days he spent with Victory.

Maattey won those 13 titles with Victory, Valencia and IFC and Suzain won the titles with Victory and Maziya Sports and Recreation Club.

Maattey won 11 titles with Victory and one each with Valencia and IFC. Maattey won national tournament 5 times and Abujee won the prestigious national tournament 7 times and Suzain won it 4 times  

The other local coaches who has won the top flight titles include Mohamed Shiyaz (Mohan) and Moosa Manik (Kuda Moosa). Both of them won two titles each. And Mohamed Iqbal, Ihsan Abdul Ghani, Ahmed Saleem (Bodu Heena), Ahmed Niyaz (Niyaa), Ahmed Mujthaba (Fesco), Ismail Mahfooz (Imma) and  Abdul Hameed Abdul Gafoor (Addo) managed to win just one title.

Abujee and Mattey are not actively involved with any club at this time, Ali Suzain has the chance of becoming the most successful local coach as he has signed a new one year contract with his former club, Victory.

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