Two foreigners joins United Victory
United Victory's new signing Ruslan

Two foreigners joins United Victory

Shimaaz Ali 30 January 2017 - 13:15

Male', MALDIVES - Kyrgyzstani goalkeeper Ruslan Amirov and Croatian striker Tihomir Zivkovic has joined United Victory Sports Club for its 2017 campaign.

This is the first that Ruslan, who was capped by Kyrgyzstan at both the Olympic and Senior level is going to play in a Southeast Asian country. The 26-year old goalie has previously played in Kyrgyzstan and Turkey.

“I am happy to make my first venture into Asian football after playing in Turkey and Kazakhstan. I am looking forward to the new footballing and cultural experience in a beautiful country like Maldives." Ruslan said to his management company Trebol Sports.

Though Ruslan is not familiar with Maldivian football, he certainly knows that his rival for the No. 1 jersey in the Kyrgyzstan National Team, Pavel Matiash is playing for Maziya SRC.

“I do not wish to be drawn into comparison with Pavel. He is a good player and I wish him well. However, we possess different qualities and that is what makes both of us unique in our own ways. I welcome healthy competition between us as this will raise the standard of both Maldivian and Kyrgyzstan football. Hopefully, the folks back home will pay more attention to the Maldivian League because the two of us are playing there!”

Tihomir Zivkovic first made his foray into Asia with Kanbawza FC (renamed as Shan United FC) and subsequently Zwekapin United from 2014 to 2016. The former Croatian 2nd Division Golden Boot Award winner did not hesitate to confirm his interest when his intermediary sounded him out for the opportunity.

“I am very delighted that this worked out in the end. This is a new challenge for me. I am very pleased that my legal representatives from Trebol Sports International have brought me another new footballing adventure and my third contract in Asia. I look forward to a new competition and experience.”

Tihomir hopes that his 8 years of European playing experience and 3 years of playing experience in Myanmar will come in handy for United Victory’s campaign for this season.

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