New manager for national team
New manager of national team Mohamed Easa. Photo: President's Office

New manager for national team

Hassan Shifan 27 March 2017 - 18:35

FAM has appointed former exco member Mohamed Easa (mor) as the manager of national football team today.

Easa, the brother of national team midfielder Ismail Easa, is a senior official of TC Sports Club. Easa was the manager of TC when the team won the Sheikh Kamal International Club Cup held in Bangladesh earlier this month. He was also an exco member during the term of  Ahmed Thoriq (Tom).

Speaking to the team before today's practice session, FAM General secretary Hussain Jawaz (Java) said that FAM looked to appoint someone who will be able to give full commitment to football and Easa fit's the criteria very well.

"Previously we had managers that had other commitments. So this time we looked to bring in someone who would give his full commitment to football," Jawaz said.

Speaking to the players Easa urged the players to give him their support.

Maldives will face Palestine tomorrow night in Asian Cup qualifying.

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