FAM election postponed due to Covid-19 threat
FAM President Bassam Adeel Jaleel (Photo: Ibrahim Faid)

FAM election postponed due to Covid-19 threat

MF News 21 March 2020 - 14:43

Male', MALDIVES - Football Association of Maldives (FAM) has decided to postpone the FAM Election 2020 due to the concern about the coronavirus pandemic.

"With recommendations of FIFA & AFC we have postponed the FAM Congress until the situation is favorable." FAM posted in their official Facebook page.

"As a precautionary measure and to follow HPA’s instructions, we have decided to postpone tonight’s MaldivesFA Annual Congress. May you all stay safe." President Bassam tweeted.

The Electoral Committee declared on February 16, 2020 that only one candidate had filed for candidacy by the end of the deadline, and that it was presented by Bassam Adeel Jaleel and his team.

Bassam Adeel Jaleel (President), Ali Umar (Senior Vice President), Hussain Shafiu (Vice President), Ahmed Shakeeb, Mohamed Shifau, Mufaviz Hashim, Aminath Shaneez, Ahmed Nasheed and Muaviyath Haleel as members.

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