Bassam and Thariq, Who will be the winner?
FAM presidential candidates, Bassam Adeel Jaleel and Ahmed Thariq (Tom).

Bassam and Thariq, Who will be the winner?

Shimaaz Ali 01 November 2016 - 11:19

November 20, 2016 will be a historic day for the Maldivian football community. It will be the day of the second election of the governing body of Maldives football during this year. And now the question is that who will be the winner of this election. Will it be Ahmed Thariq or Bassam Adeel Jaleel.

Current ceremonial president of FAM, Ahmed Thariq became the president of FAM with the support of AFC executive committee member Mohamed Shaweed within a coalition. But after the election things went worse and five members of his executive committee resigned and was forced to held an election under the guidance of FIFA and AFC as per the statutes of Football Association of Maldives. 

Ahmed Thariq and Bassam Adeel Jaleel, general secretary of FAM during Thariq's tenure submitted the application for the presidential race of FAM.

During the past couple of years Bassam has showed his capabilities but some high profile members of the Maldives football family insists that Thariq is not a successful candidate for the post. Their main concern was that the comments made by the five members resigned from his executive committee saying that Thariq didn't work as a team and he keeps on taking sole decisions. 

Thariq submitted his application with the endorsement of 21 member clubs but now some clubs have withdrew their support to Thariq and are backing Bassam to be the president of FAM. It is believed that more clubs will withdrawn their support to Thariq in the coming days. 

Based on these facts it is expected that Bassam Adeel Jaleel will win the upcoming FAM election on 20th of this month.

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